Divus Malus (Max)

Devil Blooded Sorcerer


Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 1

Gold: 25 gp

One Unique Thing:

I am the only human with Devil blood.


Diabolist – Conflicted (2)
The Great Gold Wyrm – Positive (1)


Street Orphan / Vagabond (2)
Diabolist Test Subject (2)
Demon Hunter of the Order of Golden Watchers (4)

Important Information:

HP: 24 = (6 + Test Subject) x 3 = 24
AC: 15 = 10 + Vagabond + Level + Spell Fist
PD: 15 = 11 + Demon Hunter + Level
MD: 13 = 10 + Test Subject + Level
Init: +3 = Vagabond + Level
To-Hit: +5 = Demon Hunter + Level (Alt: +3 = Vagabond + Level)
Damage: +4 = Demon Hunter (Alt: +2 = Vagabond)
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1D6 X Level + Test Subject
Resist Energy Damage: 12 + Fire, Psychic


Shortsword (1H 1d6)
Leather Armor (Light)
Simple Clothes (None)
Staff (2H 1d6)
Other Stuff

Racial Bonus: Human SRD

Bonus Feat
Quick to Fight – At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.

Class Features: Sorcerer SRD

Access to Wizardry – Not important
Breath Weapon – Spells with the breath weapon keyword have a chance to be re-used during battle. Each breath weapon spell lists the chance of re-using it (usually 16+).
Chain – When you attack with a chain spell and get a natural even roll, you can roll another attack against a different enemy within range.
Dancing Lights – Not important
Gather Power – Once initiative has been rolled and a battle is underway, a sorcerer can spend a standard action to gather magical power, preparing themselves for casting a double-strength spell with their next standard action. Gathering power is loud and very noticeable.
Random Energy – Cold → Fire → Lightning → Thunder

Talents / Feats:

Infernal Heritage – Once per day, as a quick action when the escalation die is 1+, you can enter a spell frenzy until the end of the battle.

While in a spell frenzy, you roll 2d20 for each of your sorcerer spell attacks. Use the highest die as your attack roll, but track whether the other die hits.

For each die that misses, you take damage equal to double the level of the target of your attack.

Adventurer Feat 1: You gain resist energy damage 12+ to fire and to one of the following types of energy of your choice: acid, cold, lightning, psychic, thunder.

Metallic Protector Heritage – Your rolls to re-use breath weapon spells during a fight gain a +2 bonus.

Adventurer Feat 2: As a quick action at the start of each battle, you can gain resist energy 12+ to one of the following types of energy of your choice: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison.

Spell Fist – You gain a +2 bonus to AC.

You can use ranged spells while engaged with enemies without taking opportunity attacks.

Damage from sorcerer spells uses secondary damage type.





Full Sized Image

Hell’s a bitch.

Oh, I haven’t been there, but I see it in my nightmares. My first two memories of this world are the nightmares and the orphanage of Santa Cora. Being raised in an orphanage isn’t the worst thing in the world. I was clothed and fed every day, and of course since this was Santa Cora, taught the good word of The Priestess.

That was until I turned 13. I guess The Priestess and her follows believe that by the time you turn 13 you are an adult and should start fending for yourself. On my 13th birthday the only presents I got were a couple of pennies, swift kick out the door and onto the streets, and the parting advice from the priest of the orphanage to “go make something of myself.”

Yeah, like I could make anything of myself at that age. The only thing I knew at that age was how to not wake up screaming from the demons in my dreams.

The life of a street urchin can be surmised very simply as either “learn fast or die trying.” I guess I fell into the “learn fast” category. It may actually surprise you to hear that begging in the streets of Santa Cora would be a difficult thing. The Priestess does love to drone on about humility and charity, but us street kids were one of the city’s best kept secrets.

Remember that “die trying” part? Yeah, I came close to death many times. There are many unwritten rules about the streets and begging that you either have to pick up on, or get beat. Where to beg, when to beg, taking other people’s corners, avoiding the gangs… Suffice to say I got beat a lot, but the worst was always the city guards. The other kids I could reason with, pay off if I had to, but the guards…

The guards didn’t want money. All they ever wanted to do was keep us away and keep The Priestess’s city “perfect.” Too many times to count I witnessed those city guards beat helpless children just trying to make it through the day, and too many times I’ve seen them take things too far.

I got out of that “perfect” city as fast as I could. By the age of 15 I had saved up enough money to bribe my way on a boat to the capitol Axis. It took all I had worked for for two years, but I was finally left Santa Cora.

You would think this is when my life improved, but things actually went down hill from here. It turns out our glorious capital was no better than Santa Cora. Same problem, different streets. At least in Axis though the guards could be reasoned with. But it wasn’t the living on the streets of Axis that was bad, it was the nightmares. They steadily got worse and worse until I maybe got to sleep one night out of three.

And then one fateful day it happened. You see, Axis’ great covered markets are some of the best places to beg. People are loose with their money and if you are lucky, at the end of the day a fruit vendor might give you a bruised and beaten apple. Well on this day the market was particularly full of people. Maybe it was a local holiday or festival, I don’t know, all I know is that it was packed. You know what happens when lots of people get together in a large group? Something. Something always happens. This something just so happened to be a fire.

I don’t remember much from that day since I had not been getting much sleep. All I remember was the smoke and the screams. Hundreds of people trying to get out of Axis’ great covered market all at the same time. It didn’t end well. The fire spread quickly, more quickly then you think it would. I can’t remember where I was when the fire broke out, but I remember where I fell, right in front of the fruit stand of the man who yesterday gave me an old apple. Whether someone shoved me or falling debris knocked me over I can’t say, but when I fell I did not get back up. Oh, I remember the heat too. The scorching heat against my face.

Normally people die when things like that happen, and many people did, but for some reason I didn’t. I was awoken to the people clearing the charred remains of the market some days later. The people surely thought everyone was dead. I think the man who grabbed hold of me nearly pissed himself when I slapped him out of instinct.

And that is how I became “The Fireproof Boy” as they liked to call me, a name I most hated. I never wanted to be a celebrity, but it looks like I didn’t really have a choice in this matter. Fate forced me into fifteen minutes of stardom whether I wanted it or not.

Being a minor celebrity did have its perks. I ate better then I had in years as people practically threw food at me thinking I could give them good luck or something. It was fine at first, but more and more people started to ask me questions and wanting things from me. I didn’t have anything to give. I didn’t know how I survived that fire any more than the the next person did.

Eventually word spread to the nicer parts of town and then even more people came, this time they were wizards and priests. They poked and prodded me for answers I could not give them. I could only take so it long. I never wanted this fame. I should have died like all the other people in that fire! I ran from all the people and all their questions. I ran into the seedy parts of town where no one would look for me. I ran and then things got worse.

Divus Malus (Max)

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